[Typo3] Multi Language Site - only 2 languages show up

Kerstin news at riverecho.ca
Wed Dec 21 19:02:57 CET 2005


I'm a newbie, so bear with me.

I am developing a Typo3 website for my language school and it's in 4 
languages:  English, German, French and Spanish.
We're using the template ZenLight3col from Mediatech.

I installed the "sr_language_menu" extension.  (after installing the 
dependent extensions sr_static_info, static_info_tables)
In "Page"  view, the option "Language" does not appear in the drop-down menu 
as it should.  I only get "Columns", "QuickEdit" and "Page Information"

I installed the following extensions (I know some of them have nothing to do 
with the multi-lingual setup.  This is just to give you the full picture).
    the language packs -       csh_fr,  csh_de,  csh_es
    language detection -       rimp_language_detection (and the extended 

Obviously the other 3 installed languages aren't recognized.

In "Template" under "Include Static" "Items", the "Spanish language.es 
(Spanish)" does not show up at all.  However, German and French do.

What am I missing out on?


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