[Typo3] ImageMagick issue. Pls. Help!

mario chiari.hm at flashnet.it
Wed Dec 21 17:49:22 CET 2005


pls. help. I am not able to force Typo3 3.8.1 to use ImageMagick. 

The puzzle is that I have (on the same server) two Typo3 installations:
the first, older one (3.5.0) works fine, the other, later one (3.8.1)
does not. (the former is, say, at www.xxx.com/quickstart/, the later at

My IPS disabled exec(). So, I moved binaries for IM under the
directories quickstart/im/, resp. testsite/im/ and asked to flag those
two dirs under safe_mode_exec_dir. (I am using binaries from

Last, I defined T3CV_GFX:im_path accordingly (from the install tools).

In the 3.8.1. case, the install tool image processing test outputs:
--Test skipped. Use of ImageMagick has been disabled in the
configuration. Refer to section 'Basic Configuration' to change or
review you configuration settings--
However, this is the debug info for the same 3.8.1. case:
T3CV_GFX: image_proc: 1
T3CV_GFX: gdlib     : 0
T3CV_GFX: gdlib_png : 0
T3CV_GFX: gdlib_2   : 0
T3CV_GFX: im        : 1

I have looked at the mail archives. I see that there have been a number
of discussion on IM, but I was not able to find anyone which solved my
situation. (A couple of posts point out to something that might be
useful, but they are too difficult for me!!)  Note, I have 3.8.1. on my
machine-localhost too, and everything is fine overhere. 

any advise is very welcome.
Holidays Greetings

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