[Typo3] testsite 3.81, tt_news, V1.0.4 or V2 ?

Hannibal 2 at 2.com
Wed Dec 21 16:43:32 CET 2005

Thanks, Michael.
I don't know why tt_news1.04  integrated in Typo3 3.81 instead of
tt_news 2+......
So, in order to upgrade to tt_news 2+, I should uninstall tt_news1.04
in BE, and then delete all the ext  filefolder under "global" location
(typo3/ext/)? Or just upgrade in BE?

the Users manual "it's recommended to install the new extension in the
"local" folder (typo3conf/ext/) without overwriting the old one. But I
have no "old one" -:)

On Wed, 21 Dec 2005 15:37:19 +0100, Michael Scharkow
<mscharkow at gmx.net> wrote:

>Hannibal wrote:
>> But tt_news 2+ is version beta......
>> And V1.04 is stable.....
>> If my Typo3 site go out of lab and on line,use tt_news 2+ beta will
>> collapse my site?
>Keep in mind that the beta/stable status for extension is absolutely 
>arbitrary, every extension author can choose it at will. I don't know 
>why the current version is marked beta, but generally tt_news is one of 
>the best maintained extensions I know. The 1.x might be marked stable 
>but it has not been updated for a long time, so you get less features 
>and not necessarily more stability.
>BTW, as long as you use extensions in your site, you need to do all the 
>testing yourself anyway before you go into production because there is 
>no quality assurance of any kind for extensions.

I Love Typo3!

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