[Typo3] image field bug in front end plug in

David Hamman david.hamman at interakt-media.com
Wed Dec 21 03:40:24 CET 2005


I have a bug with the image field i have added to my frontend plugin.

The image field only accept an image the FIRST time.

Then, if I need to change the image and either upload or select  
another one,
an error appears (with / ! \ symbol : required field)

It's like if the image were not selected, it looks like the selected/ 
uploaded image is not taken into account.

I simply added an image field to my plugin database setup in the  

Do I have to change something in tca.php ?

I don't know what's wrong, it should be straightforward...
The install tool says everything is OK, all +w rights are set up.

please help, thanks.


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