[Typo3] replicate content in multi-domain site

Loek Hilgersom hilgersom at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 20 15:09:41 CET 2005

Thanks Christian, this took me a step further (I realised that my workaround 
would soon become unworkable since the site consists of 10 sub-sites, each 
of which has to be presented in 3 languages, accounting for 3x10x2 inserted 
records, which wouldn't be a pleasure to maintain...)

The linked page now works, but only for the default language. The L=1 or 2 
variables don't seem to get passed on this way so the linked page always 
shows the default language. Any ideas for that?


christian reiter wrote:
> This has worked for me across different domains, as long as the follwing is
> present in your typoscript template setup:
> config {
> #...
>  content_from_pid_allowOutsideDomain=1
>  typolinkCheckRootline=1
> }
> Theoretically you could also check out  Mount Pages. Their intent is to
> insert an entire branch transparently at a different point. However they
> are, in my experience, implemented in a somewhatfragile and unreliable way.
> I discarded Mount Pages as an option because they did not appear to be
> compatible with page trees that contain Shortcuts. Also the last time I
> tested this it was necessary to patch the source to get them to work across
> domains.
> greetings,
> Christian Reiter
>>I obviously dont want to use the insert records for a thousand pages, so
>>I would like to use the type Advanced, show content of different page,
>>but I need to knwo if there is a way around the domain issue?

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