[Typo3] newsletter subscription, mail is not sent

Brian Bendtsen brb at mentor-it.dk
Fri Dec 16 14:48:36 CET 2005

Peter Klein wrote:
> Hi Brian. I haven't tried "DA_newsletter_subscription", so I can't help you 
> with that one.
> I have DirectMail running on a site, where I use 
> "plugin.feadmin.dmailsubscription" to collect the email adresses, and then I 
> use the "direct_mail" to manage the newsletters.
> The only DMail manual/tutorial I have found is this one by Marlies Cohen, 
> which covers most of the DMail setup
> (DMail is not one of the easiest plugin to install/setup..)
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/direct_mail_tut/
> Also the documentation of how to configure 
> "plugin.feadmin.dmailsubscription" can also be of use, specially if you want 
> to make changes in how/what is need when signing up for the newsletter.
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/doc_core_tsref/fe_adminLib_inc/
> The cateories is not something you should change once you have the plugin up 
> running, so it doesn't relly matter if they are in the template..
ok. I will try using the DirectMail only but the problem is the same. 
Subscribing to a newsletter doesnt send an email, but the user is 
created as an address record.

E-mail sender and name is set in the Direct Mail Module modification.


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