[Typo3] Using indexed search engine with front end plugins

christian reiter cr at n-o-s-p-a-m-cxd.de
Wed Dec 14 19:14:11 CET 2005

You should develop your extension to work together with Typo3 caching, and
use the cHash method.

Basically the indexed search will create its index entries whenever a page
is cached. No caching - no indexed search.

The article http://typo3.org/development/articles/the-mysteries-of-chash/
will help you, the part about "binding the devils but not yourself" deals
with a similar issue as the one you have.

You will need a listing/calendar page for your events and in the listing,
the links to each individual event need to have the correct cHash so they
can be cached, and indexed, as separate content. Those links would then look
for instance something like
.. to show a certain entry.

Of course you have to make sure that your plugin is a normal USER and not
USER_INT, and does not set "no_cache" anywhere. And that caching is not
disabled anywhere else.

Also for testing it is very important not to test your page only with the
same browser session that you are logged into as BE user as otherwise there
will be no caching/indexing going on. The best solution is just to use a
different browser e.g Firefox without BE login  vs IE with bE login so you
can instantly check whether your cHash links are working.


Christian Reiter

"David Hamman" <david.hamman at interakt-media.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:mailman.7465.1134569208.24100.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...
> Hi,
> I was typo3-ml at w3tex.com and now i have a mailbox with my real name.
> Regards to everyone in the typo3 community.
> I have a question about the indexed search engine.
> I'm planing to use it on my website.
> I'm working on simple front end plugins to display "an event calendar"
> I'd like to know if the indexed search engine will be able to index
> the contents of my "event calendar" ?
> I have a simple table user_event which lists the events.
> Is there a way to configure the indexed search engine to tell it to
> index the content of this FE plugin table ?
> If not, how can I modify its source to do so ?
> Thanks for your help.
> David.

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