[Typo3] BaseURL cached?

Rudy Gnodde gnodde.rudy at wag.nl
Wed Dec 14 09:21:30 CET 2005



I've been working on a problem. A website I'm working on uses RealURL,
so baseURL has to be enabled. It also has multiple domains. The problem
basicly is that the base tag in the header is cached. This means that if
you visit a page on one domain the base href will be set to that domain
(I use conditions to set config.baseURL per domain). The biggest problem
with this, other than switching between domains in one site is plain
ugly, is that external javascript can't be executed since it's loaded
from a different domain. Is there a way to make sure the base tag is
never cached, or is there any other way to solve this? Redirecting all
domains to one domain isn't an option in this case (due to search
machine optimisation and our client's preferences).


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