[Typo3] Rights of sys_workflows

Abele Ralf ralf.abele at schillerstadt-marbach.de
Tue Dec 13 14:41:14 CET 2005

Hi everybody,

We use Typo3 in version 3.8.1. Sys_workflows is installed in version
2.0.4. We've set up a simple workflow.

I've created the workflow that a Main-User (group "Main") has the right
to assign a workflow. Unfortunately the Workflow Menu doesn't appear in
the context menu of the page tree symbols. If I'm logged in as admin,
the option "Workflow" with my predefined workflow appears.

Does anybody know what right should be set additionally to the group
"Main" ? The Main User has access to the draft-page of the Workflow.

Thank you very much.


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