[Typo3] eu_ldap working exept for automatically import

Rik Hoevers [Netcreators] rik at netcreators.nl
Tue Dec 13 11:48:33 CET 2005

Hi all,

After some initial experimentation I've got the eu_ldap exension
working, the most difficult part (sure enough) was getting the MS ADS
testserver up and running...

So far so good, but I don't like the import function with the dropdown
menu so much. It's easy to mistake the item you choose and import your
ADS to backend users instead of frontend users, for example. So I'd like
to try the auto-import function, which also makes it unnecessary to
program a cronjob to import the users. Ideal.

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work.

After syncing the frontend users with the dropdown menu I can login
using the exension, but without syncing first the login fails and no
user is imported.

Still, from what I read online this function should work, anybody has an
idea what I do wrong?

Some more specific info:

- TYPO 3.8.0
- eu_ldap 2.7.2
- newloginbox 2.2.9

- A sysfolder object that holds the eu_ldap server object as well as the
imported frontend users and groups.

- A regular page with a newloginbox object that points (in the header)
to the above sysfolder object ("General record storage on page")

Any suggestions? Thnx a bunch!


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