[Typo3] direct_mail & sr_feuser_register

beqquadro beqquadro at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 02:59:15 CET 2005


hope someone can help (spending my first days with TYPO3).

I've installed a few extensions on version 3.8.1, including:
- sr_feuser_register 2.2.1
- newloginbox 2.2.9
- sg_feautologinnest 0.1.2
- direct_mail 1.0.8

I'd like to:
- allow the visitors to register as frontend users in order to be 
authorized to access to special content (sr_feuser_register);
- be able in the backend to create frontend users and/or assign them to 
hierarchical groups, sub-groups, sub-sub-groups with access to special 
contents (sg_feautologinnest);
- offer the registering visitors, in the same time and module, the 
possibility to subscribe to one or more newsletters on various topics 
- allow the frontend users to login (newloginbox), or better autologin 
(sg_feautologinnest), so that they can access to this special content, 
and edit their newsletters subscriptions again in the same module (I've 
tried also da_newsletter_subscription 1.0.1 but find the use of parallel 
modules somewhat confusing and dispersive in the frontend - and complex 
to manage in the backend).

And till then it goes perfectly fine.

But when I install direct_mail, fe_users.module_sys_dmail_category seems 
to disappear: no more wish list in the frontend user's profile in the 
backend, and when he registers or edit his profile in the frontend he 
gets the warning "passthrough:unsupported" instead of the checkboxes.

I can't imagine it's not possible to make direct_mail and 
sr_feuser_register work together, but neither can I figure how...

Thanks & greetings,


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