[Typo3] direct mail doesn't send dm's

Horn Gabor gabor at h3online.hu
Mon Dec 12 19:50:46 CET 2005

Hello Eric,

thanks for your help. Invoke Mailer Engine ouputs this:

Invoked at 08:13:28 12-12-2005
sys_dmail record 5, '4' processed...
Job No: 5 Job begin: Job begin: 12-12-05 08:13:28
Sending 1 mails to table tt_address
Job No: 5 Job end: Job end: 12-12-05 08:13:28
Ending, parsetime: 306 ms

(i put 1 user to tt_address and this newsletter group uses tt_address).

Other mails from typo3 works, eg i have an sr_feuser_register and that 
works well. I get 2 mails also "Job No: 5 Job begin" and "Job No: 5 Job 
end" as i invoke it - so everything else except the mails themselves :)

It's a typo3 3.6.0 + mirect_mail 1.0.8 if that helps.

thanks for an hint,


Eric Blom írta:
> Hello Hirisov,
> I just got my direct mail configuration working last last night after  
> many many hours of work. My first thought when reading your email was  
> that your addresses did not have the receive HTML flag set, but, you  
> seem to have covered that issue. Can you copy and past the output of  
> the "Mail Engine Status" page after you click the "Invoke Mailer  
> Engine" link?
> Does sending mail from other Typo3 pages work for you? For example,  
> forms? Also, as administrator are you receiving the DMAILER emails?  
> Here is an example subject "DMAILER mid:35 JOB BEGIN"
> Cheers,
> Eric

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