[Typo3] authorized filelinks

Sander (AlterNET) sander at alternet.nl
Mon Dec 12 09:25:53 CET 2005


I am having a problem with the authorized filelinks extensions, it 
should rewrite all links on the website to a php file which parses it 
and then displays to the browser, and this seems to work fine, as links 
look like:


now, which is good, but the problem is it doesnt parse the links in a 
<LI> (html list).
Links in a <LI> just look like normal links and arent parsed.

I have found that the extension looks for links in this var: 
$content['url'], and that only contains normal links, and not the links 
from <LI>'s.

Does anyone know why, or how i could fix this problem?



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