[Typo3] direct mail doesn't send dm's

Horn Gabor gabor at h3online.hu
Mon Dec 12 00:02:13 CET 2005


i run into a problem w/ direct mail, can u help please? I set it up and 
i'm able to send quickmails to newsletter groups, and also from the 
installer the mail sending test works well. When i make a newsletter 
page and after that a direct mail it fetches it w/o problem, and the 
size of the dm seesm resonalble (so not 0), and when i invoke the mailer 
engine manually it says it sends the mails, but they never arrive. I 
cannot see any sign of these mails in the mail server's log (which is 
runs on the same machine).

I tried to debug it but it seems to me dm uses t3lib_htmlmail.php which 
uses mail() which works w/o problem on this server w/ many other (typo3 
and other) sites.

Can you help me please how can i debug this? On this setup i didn't 
install direct_mail_subscription because i use tt_address which is 
automatically filled w/ the needed records, no need for the FE user to 
subscript. I alse run "update tt_address set  module_sys_dmail_html=1" 
as was suggetsed in other thread.

If anybody knows a usable external GPL wysiwyg newsletter system i'd be 
glad for any hint, i'm stuck w/ this for hours and maybe it would be 
easier to modify that to use tt_news.

thanks for any help,


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