[Typo3] Problem with folder move... File not written to disk! Write permission error in filesystem?

Roy Beck rabeck at islanders.ca
Sun Dec 11 16:02:41 CET 2005

Gilles Deacur wrote:

> How do you check the ownership of files?  Is this something that can be 
> done with an FTP browser?  I'm using FileZilla.
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I don't know about FileZilla, but in CuteFTP you just right-click on the 
file and select "Properties". (Can't change it though, need shell access 
for that) Since you moved your files from one folder to another on the 
same host, chances are your ouwnership is fine. With me, I moved from 
one host to another and had to change the ownerships ( I tarballed my 
entire site, ftp'd the tarball to the new host then expanded the 
file...I have shell access on my new host so that was easier for me.) 
Your problem is more likely the open_basedir issue.

Roy Beck
rabeck at islanders.ca

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