[Typo3] What is the best way to set up a multiple site with subdomains?

Floyd Arguello floyd at icommnetwork.com
Sun Dec 11 01:47:36 CET 2005

Gilles Deacur wrote:
> Michiel Roos wrote:
>> Gilles,
>> Here's what I think should be going on a working setup using multiple
>> domains in a single Typo3 install on a single IP address;
>> - point as many names as you like to put.your.ip.here
>> - the domain names may also be c-names, doesn't matter as long as the
>> lowest name points to the webservers IP.
> What is a "c-name"?
> All my domains point to my nameserver NS.examplenameserver.com and 
> NS2.examplenameserver.com

cname - canonical name - its a domain name that has an 'A' record... in 
a subdomain sample.domain.tdl, you create a cname 'sample' that points 
to the 'A' record (the IP Address assigned to a domain name), so anyone 
that types sample.domain.tdl will hit the server with that IP Address. 
You then create a record in your webserver config file that lists the 
directives for sample.domain.tdl.

For example, I installed squirrelmail on my server, and wanted to 
associate it with my TYPO3 site. So I created the cname:

mail in CNAME @ (the '@' symbol points to my 'A' record, which is the IP 
address of my server)

I then created a virtual host in my Apache config file:

<VirtualHost server.ip.add.ress:80>
     ServerName     mail.domain.tdl
     ServerAdmin    webmaestro at privatepartystrippers.com
     DocumentRoot   /path/to/squirrelmail

So when a user navigates to: http://mail.domain.tdl, the request hits 
the nameserver, then the zone file, which says that mail.domain.tdl 
points to this IP address... the user then hits the server, and the 
webserver config file provides the document root associated with the 
domain. The browser then brings up the web files located in the document 
root. (simplified explanation)

If I set the document root to the main domain's root directory, then 
anyone typing in http://mail.domain.tdl would be directed to my TYPO3 
site, but their address would show http://mail.domain.tdl

It looks like Michiel is suggesting that your domains' and subdomains' 
document root should be the same: your TYPO3 site directory

This way, anyone typing in "critterpal.sunshinelocksmith.com" or 
"critterpal.com" will hit the TYPO3 site.

 From there, you would implement his TYPO3 config instructions...

I hope that helps... good luck!


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