[Typo3] Including phpadsnew into Typo3

Ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Fri Dec 9 22:41:53 CET 2005


I wrote ltg_phpadsnew.
It does contain a document how to do stuff and I can help you with it.

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>I have a little problem. I want to include phpadsnew into my Typo3 
>installation. There is this extension phpadsnew, but the manual doesn't 
>show, how to set the path to phpadsnew (they just talk about, that i have to 
>set it in the constants section, but it doesn't say how.. (i'm a newbee in 
>The next thing i would like to ask you, is, if there is any possiblity to 
>say "show this advert on this page, and that advert on that page" without 
>setting the adverts on every page.. (i want to create the "container" in my 
>templates section.)
>Please help me.
>Greetings from Germany
>Andreas Balzer 
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