[Typo3] Including phpadsnew into Typo3

Andreas Balzer newsgroups at andreas-balzer.de
Fri Dec 9 21:36:52 CET 2005

I have a little problem. I want to include phpadsnew into my Typo3 
installation. There is this extension phpadsnew, but the manual doesn't 
show, how to set the path to phpadsnew (they just talk about, that i have to 
set it in the constants section, but it doesn't say how.. (i'm a newbee in 

The next thing i would like to ask you, is, if there is any possiblity to 
say "show this advert on this page, and that advert on that page" without 
setting the adverts on every page.. (i want to create the "container" in my 
templates section.)

Please help me.

Greetings from Germany
Andreas Balzer 

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