[Typo3] What is the best way to set up a multiple site with subdomains?

Michiel Roos typo3 at monosock.org
Fri Dec 9 13:53:58 CET 2005

Hey Giles,

> "critterpal.com" is an addon domain that I have setup in a subdomain of
> my main account that can be accessed as either
> "critterpal.sunshinelocksmith.com" or
> "sunshinelocksmith.com/critterpal".
Is this what you really want as an end result, if not, disable it for now.

> I have Typo3 installed into a subdomain of "sunshinelocksmith.com" 
> called "admin-maint" that can be accessed by typing in 
> "admin-maint.sunshinelocksmith" or "sunshinelocksmith.com/admin-maint".
So admin-maint.sunshinelocksmith.com appears to be your master domain.

> Typo3 then identifies the page id and serves the site.
> This all works good, but every page has the
> "admin-maint.sunshinelocksmith.com" in the browser and not
> "critterpal.com" like it ideally should.
That's because you told cpanel to redirect everything that comes in from
critterpal.com to admin-maint.su ..  .. So don't blame the system, it does
exactly what you asked it to do! 


> What trick do I need to do to correct this?
There's no trick, stop redirecting already ;-).

You appear to be set up properly, but you are mucking around with
redirection in the cpanel where instead you should use typo3 domains.

Your cpanel edits the appropriate vhosts files or whatever it needs to
edit to get the server listening to all your domains and subdomains.

The trick is to leave it at that and then have typo3 figure out what to
show when an url is requested for a certain subdomain. I would start with
trying to get sub domains to work first and leaving out the realurl for a
start. You can try to add realurl once you have got your domains working

You should create a record of type 'domain' in the pageroot of where you
want the critterpal.com site to start. You an add multiple domain records.
The domain records also allow fore redirecting if needed, but please keep
it simple for a start (try not to make yourself go crazy too fast ;-).

Hope this helps a bit more, Cheers,

Michiel Roos

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