[Typo3] Changing Layout for indexed_search ?

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Thu Dec 8 16:34:05 CET 2005

Hi Jochen,

> you would say it is okay to use the CVS version with actual 3.8.1
> installations?
> I would be very interested in your opinion, as O. Dobberkau answered as
> follows to some question of mine concerning indexed_seach:
> "As already told. do not use the cvs versions of indexed search with
> 3.8.1. ... if want to test it, then use the cvs version of typo3."

I know. Usually it is not recommended because things could be broken or
functions are missing, but in this case the current indexed_search should
still be usable.

> By the way, there seemed to be a problem with a function called
> "strtolower_all" that didn't exist in my 3.8.1 core but in the 4.0 CVS
> version it does, and the CVS version of indexed_search tried to use it.

There is no such function currently(?)

- michael
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