[Typo3] An alternative internal search engine ?

Francesco di Francia darksky77 at email.it
Wed Dec 7 10:38:36 CET 2005

Hi to all.

THis is the scenario.
Image a site where there are book review. At the center main column 
there's the review body ( i mean text ). On the left column there's a 
kind of "support" column where are listed internal links to review of 
book similar to the book reviewd in the main column.
Title of the review is the title of the book.

Users insert book title as keyword in the indexed search engine and so 
in the result lists appear also ALL THE PAGE where the book title appear 
and so also the page where this titla appear only as link in the 
"support column". This makes the search inconsistent.

Does exisists an alternative interanal search engine ?


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