[Typo3] Configuration of External Links

Thomas Hoppe thomas.hoppe at berlin.de
Tue Dec 6 20:12:21 CET 2005


> > Right, yes, I forgot to mention, that I need them in menues (more
> > in sitemap.gs).
> > I also found the above mentioned posting, but as far as I could see
> > some tests, it just
> > seems to modify the status bar of the browser (and that not even
> > but the URLs
> > in the page code remain unmodified :-(
> >
> Then you weren't looking at the posting I linked to. If you were
> looking at it, _check your source code_; there's no JS in that code,
> so if the status bar changed, then it means the link _did_ change.
> This part of that code:
> >     3.typolink.ATagBeforeWrap=1
> >     3.typolink.wrap = |<img src="/fileadmin/images/extlink.gif"
> ...plus this:
> 3.typolink.parameter.dataWrap = http://{field:url}
> ...and this:
> 3.typolink.parameter.data >
> ...will change the link to a en external link in the form 'http://' +
> 'whatever you type into the url field in the page'

OK, you are right and I concluded just from the status bar. The last one was
since actually one URL was modified to http:/ but unfortunately at the wrong

At least this shows me that I haven't found yet the right object which needs
to be modified with
your solution. Since I like to use your solution in a copy of
style.sitemap.gs, could you tell
me which of its objects need to be modified? I still couldn't figure out the
right place.

Thanx in Adance


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