[Typo3] DirectMail Subscription and Frameset

Bernd Schmidt b-schmidt at netitude.de
Mon Dec 5 12:53:10 CET 2005

Hello List,

I use a framset and realurl extension.
All links in newsletter subscription mail are ok (RDCT).

Because i have a frameset, i use an extension template with
"config.nocache=1" on subscription page. Has not the wanted effect...

###FORM_URL## generates always ...&type=1 in RDCT Database.

Error: The confirmation of the subscription appears shortly, then the
frameset gets rearranged and the subscription form is displayed.

My question: How can i get ...&type=1 out of the subscription link ?
Or, if this is not possible: How can i get the subscription confirmation
displayed on the homepage ?

Many Thanks

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