[Typo3] crashes due to IM4.2.9

Vincnet cu at vincnet.nl
Sat Dec 3 01:56:08 CET 2005

Some more details on the crashing IM4.2.9 on Linux:

1 - the functions are stored in something like usr/bin/share/IM/, 
because there are other installed versions and this was an easy way
2 - the IM functions were not compiled on the server but were 
pre-compiled and just copied to that path

Perhaps there's a cause of the accidents?

Dimitri Tarassenko wrote:
> On 11/30/05, Vincnet <cu at vincnet.nl> wrote:
>>It's not the same image, it happened on several images on different
>>typo3 installs. There were no problems with this image and the other
>>images before.
> Here is how you troubleshoot it -
> 1. If there was no problem before and the problem can be reproduced
> (i.e. you clear out the cache, reconvert the images and it crashes at
> the same place) you need to be looking for changes in the software
> (new libjpeg/libpng libraries, anything IM is linked to). Do a ldd
> convert and see what's used.
> 2. If the problem is sporadic and can not be reproduced I would start
> looking for hardware failures.
>>Question: why is an image re-converted? Does this happen "spontaneously"?
> Clearing the cache may trigger it, I suppose. Some extensions clear
> the cache when you install/deinstall them.
> --
> Dimitri Tarassenko

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