[Typo3] T3 Nightly CVS Snapshots

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at fm-world.ru
Fri Dec 2 14:37:14 CET 2005


Bernhard Kraft wrote:
> Michael Stucki and I lately talked about if it would be a nice or
> wanted feature to have "Nightly CVS Snapshots" of TYPO3 available ?

Really-really great!!! For now I have to checkout from CVS, remove extra
files manually, pack it, ftp to our test server, unpack, symlink, etc. I
do it a couple of days per week, this take lots of time :( It would be
much easier to get tar.gz from SF untar it, symlink and enjoy (or shout).

> If you are interested in such Snapshots please tell us your ideas,
> proposals or other things of concern.

Would be nice if it repeats the structure of "source" package.


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