[Typo3] T3 Nightly CVS Snapshots

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Fri Dec 2 14:01:51 CET 2005

Hello community,

Michael Stucki and I lately talked about if it would be a nice or
wanted feature to have "Nightly CVS Snapshots" of TYPO3 available ?

This means that on the sf.net webspace which is available for the
TYPO3 project there will be a set of files from the last, let's say
5 days, which are "builds" of T3 packages directly from sourceforge

The reason for this is that open source software as any other product
needs a lot of testing. Many OS projects release CVS snapshots of their
product to encourage others to test new features added in CVS before
their release in a stable version.

If you are interested in such Snapshots please tell us your ideas,
proposals or other things of concern.


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