[Typo3] crashes due to IM4.2.9

Florian Schaeffer florian.schaeffer at mercoline.de
Fri Dec 2 14:27:16 CET 2005

Vincnet schrieb:
> Thank you Dimitri,
> There were no changes in the software, so, hardware? Hope not, but we'll 
> check it. Perhaps when synchronising the drives on the server...
> This image is not available through an extension. It's just a regular 
> image. However, TemplaVoila is used as "content carrier". It is possible 
> that a content manager clears the frontend cache manually; he cannot 
> (de)install extensions.

I also experienced such issues but was able to track it down to some 
specific files. After examining carefully, I found that all these images 
had some IPTC / EXIF headers. After removing the headers the problem 
disappeared all of a sudden.
But as almost every application nowadays inserts this sort of 
information and even the DAM relies on EXIF-data I decided to quit IM 
and now will use GM which runs quite fine...


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