[Typo3] Indexed Search (CVS Version) + MySQL 4.1 + UTF-8 => no results with special chars

Olivier Dobberkau olivier.dobberkau at dkd.de
Fri Dec 2 13:16:44 CET 2005

Jochen Rieger wrote:
> Hi Dmitry & all,

> To get back to my case again. Everything works fine so far except the 
> indexed search. Maybe one could swich off transformation THERE in case a 
> db that supports UTF-8 natively is detected?


As already told. do not use the cvs versions of indexed search with 3.8.1.

if want to test it, then use the cvs version of typo3.

nevertheless please make sure, that indexedsearch is properly 
configured. at the moment i am not quite sure where the docs for it have 
landed. since indexed search has become a sysext the docs have 



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