[Typo3] rtehtmlarea and bulletlist formatting

Patrick Rodacker rod at biba.uni-bremen.de
Fri Dec 2 11:49:09 CET 2005

Hi Christopher,

Christopher wrote on 30.11.2005 20:37:

> If I read the TS you've posted correctly, it's because content
> (default) is expecting the rte to save the list as <TYPOLIST> in the
> db; but the HTML Area RTE saves the markup to the database as
> <ul><li>lorem</li><li>ipsum</li></ul> etc.

That's the point. So the TS works only with the standard RTE. I wonder
if it ist possible to tell the rtehtmlarea to use typolists ... but
maybe I should just skip this issue and start telling everyone to use
'css_styled_content' so there will be no more complications.

Thanks again and have a nice weekend

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