[Typo3] A super-template problem (migrating to typo3 from another application9

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Thu Dec 1 20:30:25 CET 2005

seml at symbulos.com wrote:
> Can you send me some links to your application to see the 
> final result?


is a test site - maybe in one day really public web site

It use
* editable header (not fixed - header could be also the same for all 
pages but easily editable with typo)
* vertical navi
* 1-3 normal content colums in the middle of the page
* static footer (footer could be also an editable by Typo3 with frontend 
icons - easy to alter the footer)

Cats are inside a content table, (kb_conttable) because
normally in this place is only *one* content but using
kb_conttable you can replace one content area with *several* content areas.

> Can I see how did you build the template, to see if it is 
> more or less the same as we are using now? Could you please 
> send me as attachment (text file) the super-template and 
> one of the templates for one of the blocks?

problematic because I have used several sub-templates.
If you send me personal e-mail I might give you right to look at the site.
tapio.markula and atwebteam.com

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