[Typo3] A super-template problem (migrating to typo3 from another application9

seml at symbulos.com seml at symbulos.com
Thu Dec 1 20:23:29 CET 2005

Can you send me some links to your application to see the 
final result?

Can I see how did you build the template, to see if it is 
more or less the same as we are using now? Could you please 
send me as attachment (text file) the super-template and 
one of the templates for one of the blocks?

Sorry to bother you, but that would help us if it works in 
the same way as now.

At the moment we are using a combination of PEAR  
HTMLTemplate IT/IT, text files extracted from filesystem. 
Very good performances! But the maintenance is not as good 
as with typo3, you have to have some food technical skills. 
If we move to typo3 then our customer care can do it by 
themselves withut using technically skilled people. 

On Thursday 01 Dec 2005 19:10, tapio wrote:
> > It is more or less like having a super - template
> nothing really fancy - basif stuff using typo3!
> > Can we do the same in typo3?
> of cource - but needs some plugins.
> My system
> * rmpl_templselect (selects main and content area
> templates - first and second level templates)
> * stfl_tmpl2columns (maps columns)
> * modified zed_more_columns (adds extra columns; I added
> more and make it multilingual)
> * kb_contenttable, fdfx_2cols, fdfx_3cols and
> th_specialelements for creating special content elements,
> which works as *third* level templates
> You can create even more levels than three using
> kb_conttable
> Alternatively TemplaVoila
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