[Typo3] 500000 images in /typo3temp folder

Ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Thu Dec 1 16:27:45 CET 2005

Mathias Schreiber [wmdb] wrote:

>Valery Romanchev wrote:
>>I consider to rewrite this custom extension, or may be simply correct TS of
>>I think alternativeTempPath with some conditions to original file date can
>>solve this problem.
>>So I think it is good to have something like this:
>>Thank you in advance for any tips.
>all in all a good idea.
>Just keep in mind that you have to tell TYPO3 at every image request 
>where the correct path is.
>So if you need a lookup table that says "bla.gif" is in 
>"/200611/bla.gif" you might run into database problems.
>good luck
For a custom plugin I used the users UID and the firstletter of the 
filename to make sure I can use massive amouth of images.

So my path looks something like this for users that where logged in into 
my system:


For anonymnouse users:

The 8 x is a actualy random string to allow uploads of the same filename 
This because so many digital camera's create the same filename and this 
allows me to be uploaded.
even though the filename is the same.
Also whenever I create a directory I pleace a empty index.html in there 
so people cannot browse it easely.


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