[Typo3] 500000 images in /typo3temp folder

Mathias Schreiber [wmdb] mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Thu Dec 1 09:11:45 CET 2005

Valery Romanchev wrote:
> I consider to rewrite this custom extension, or may be simply correct TS of
> it.
> I think alternativeTempPath with some conditions to original file date can
> solve this problem.
> So I think it is good to have something like this:
> /typo3temp/200511/
> /typo3temp/200512/
> /typo3temp/200601/
> etc
> Thank you in advance for any tips.

all in all a good idea.
Just keep in mind that you have to tell TYPO3 at every image request 
where the correct path is.
So if you need a lookup table that says "bla.gif" is in 
"/200611/bla.gif" you might run into database problems.

good luck

if ($GLOBALS['TSFE']->fe_user->user['ahnung'] == 0) {
	$this->fresseHalten = 1;

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