[Typo3] accessibility and typo3

Sami Älli sami.alli at famr.fi
Thu Dec 1 12:21:14 CET 2005

From: "Vittoria Simeone" <victoria_simeo at yahoo.it
> Hi everybody!!
>   What do you know about accessibility and Typo3?
>   I'm italian and I'm studying Typo3 because I'll graduating in
telecommunication engineering in 16 of December.
>   Do you know if typo3 changes something in coding when I install an
extension??I'm studying Mambo too, and Mambo core introduces some coding
that causes problems for accessibility:Mambo creates tables for impagination
and it's a very important problem.
>   Mambo is not accessible,for nothing.

Extensions usually have own template files to design content and yes, often
tables are used... But templates  are made to be changed so you can and
should redesign them. Typo3 is a good choice to make an accessible website
(it was pointed out also in WAI -email-list :-) ) but it is not a
out-of-the-box solution. I guess no CMS is...


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