[Typo3] index_search, utf-8 and russian language

Miko³aj Jêdrzejak mikolajj at typo3.com.pl
Thu Dec 1 01:14:22 CET 2005

I have a problem with search engine.
I have a page in 3 languages (typo3 3.8.1) but I cant find anything in 
russian language.
All pages are utf-8 as forced charset in "all configuration".

I have checked database and theres no single russian word in index_words 
table while index_fulltext, index_phash, index_stat_search, index_stat_word 
contains russian parts of page.

Thats why I can't find anything in russian version of page...
in file class.indexer.php I havent found enything unusual.

Any sugestions?

Best regards

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