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Ivano Luberti luberti at archicoop.it
Sun Oct 16 10:14:17 CEST 2016

Scusate il ritardo ma per chi se lo fosse perso il webinar sul prodotto
cloud che integra TYPO3 lo trovate qui sotto

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> Am 06.10.2016 um 11:10 schrieb Olivier Dobberkau
> <olivier.dobberkau at typo3.org <mailto:olivier.dobberkau at typo3.org>>:
> Dear TYPO3 Agencies,
> we want to invite you to an exclusive Webinar to give you a glimpse
> into what's currently cooking with regard to the Cloud integration of
> TYPO3 V8.
> We will be joined by a renowned expert who will unveil on how your
> TYPO3 development workflow can be combined with state of the art cloud
> infrastructure.
> Please be advised that this webinar requires registration and that you
> will be asked to keep some of its contents confidential - it’s a
> preview after all ;)

Dear TYPO3 Agencies,

Video of the Webinar can be found:


Unfortunately quality of the recording is not so good. 

We will offer another Webinar after TYPO3 Conference and we will invite
you thru this announcement list.

Regarding TYPO3 Conference: Our Partner Platform.sh will be present and
able to respond to all your inquiries.

More information on the TYPO3 Conference can be found: https://t3con.eu/

Let me know of any question you might have.

See you there,


Olivier Dobberkau
President of the TYPO3 Association, http://typo3.org/association/
TYPO3 Association, Sihlbruggstrasse 105, CH-6340 Baar, Switzerland

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