[TYPO3-UG Italy] best practices per server

David Denicolò | InteRa davdenic at intera.it
Thu Nov 29 09:14:48 CET 2012

come macchina o impostazioni?
intanto se ti leggi il file install.txt trovi le raccomandazioni:

The following configuration is recommended:
- Apache 2.x
- mod_expires and mod_rewrite enabled in the Apache configuration
- PHP 5.3.7 or newer with the following extensions:
	- cURL
	- filter
	- GD2
	- hash
	- mbstring
	- mysql
	- openssl
	- pcre
	- session
	- SPL
	- standard
	- xml
	- zlib
	Some extensions can be optionally compiled into PHP. A list of loaded
	extensions can be checked using the phpinfo() function.
- Safe mode is not supported, thus it must not be activated
- Magic Quotes is deprecated, thus it should be deactivated
- memory_limit set to 128M or more in php.ini
- MySQL 5.1 or newer
- GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick v6 or newer
- 200 MB or more of disk space
- AllowOverride in the Apache configuration includes "Indexes" and 
   (see FAQ below)

> qualcuno ha mica documentazione su best practices per il server web?
> grazie in anticipo,
> PB

David Denicolò
InteRa graphic web e-motion
Ravenna Italy
web: www.intera.it

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