[Typo3-UG Italy] Versioning e MySql < 4.0.18 - state attenti!

jh jh at venetowebdesign.it
Tue Nov 23 22:56:34 CET 2004

Ciao tutti,
è meglio di dirlo primo:
Chi vuole usare l'estensione per il version management in 3.7.0 deve 
di usare _minimalmente_ MySQL version 4.0.18 per non mettersi in grande 
grazie ad un mysql bug.

" DO NOT use the new "version" extension if you are running a MySQL 
  below 4.0.18! If you do a bug in MySQL will mess up the "Next 
Autoindex" of
  tables in the database meaning that unique IDs are raised to nearly 2
  billion and you will get a lot of trouble. This is NOT a bug in TYPO3, 
but a
  problem with MySQL which seemingly is fixed in versions above 4.0.18"




Jan Holzmann
c/o http://venetowebdesign.com
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