[Typo3-UG Italy] OT: Internet connections in Milan

Lars E. D. Jensen | DCmedia ledj-typo3 at dcmedia.biz
Thu Aug 5 14:59:11 CEST 2004

Hi all

Do you know if it's possible and easy to establish a connection to the 
Internet like ADSL or cable in Milan.

And what the expenses are for establishing such a connection?

And how long will it take to establish?

Which companies are the best ISPs and what is the monthly expenses?

Here in Denmark you can get a connection almost everywhere, but I don't 
know if this is possible in Milan? Is a phone line enough and is this 
supported everywhere in Milan?

Quite a lot of OT questions, hope you aren't too annoyed :)

Thanks in advance

Lars from Denmark who soon will be living in Milan in a very small room!

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