[TYPO3-typo3org] Extension (OpenStreetMap for tt_address) overwrites my settings

Thomas Gabler Thomas.Gabler at gmx.de
Sat Oct 21 11:08:04 CEST 2017


I have problems with the order of processing templates.
Multisite structure:

level 1: folder
level 2: -  page site<i>
          -  template<i> (root)
          -  domainrecord <i>
level 2: -  page site<i+1>..<n>

On level 1 there is a top folder including a basetemplate for base settings for each sites on level 2.
On level 2 there are many pages with a template <i> (set as root) and a domainrecord <i>.

In basetemplate, there are some settings for OpenStreetMap for tt_address like

plugin.tx_odsosm_pi1.popup.tt_address {
     10.wrap = <h1>|</h1>

The problem is that these settings are overridden by the extension ods_osm_tt_address in the template <i> on level 2.

There is no way to insert static template for this extension (e.g. in basetemplate). I do not know why.

If I move the settings of basetemplate to any template <i>, there is no problem.

How can I avoid an extension overwriting my settings on level 1?

Typo3 6.2, ods_osm_tt_address 3.0.3

Thanks a lot

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