[TYPO3-typo3org] Deployment typo3.org (2014-05-30)

Christian Zenker typo3 at xopn.de
Fri May 30 15:18:58 CEST 2014

Hi everyone.

I’d like to inform you that we did a deployment of typo3.org.

Most of the issues have been worked on during the last Code Sprint in the  
beginning of May. Some of the issues started there were not finished yet,  
but you can expect them soon™. [1]

First up: The Certified Integrators Listing.
With the migration of the Certification page to typo3.org during the  
Editorial Team Sprint in April, the Certified Integrators listing also  
needed to be moved. An extension to display those was started by Ole  
Hartwig and Daniel Bachmann during that sprint and it was also worked on  
that during the Community Tools Sprint. Unfortunately there were some  
minor glitches and some other unfinished tickets that prevented a  
deployment so it took longer to get this to typo3.org then originally  
intended. I’m personally very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this  
delay. You can have a look at that listing at  

An other new feature is the new Feedback-System. We call it „Voice“,  
because it is kind of similar to Uservoice and can be used as a generic  
feedback system.
You can open it on any page in the bottom right by clicking on the  
„Feedback“ button. Visiually it works like a normal contact form, but it  
also gathers some usefull information on the page you are at and your  
browser settings. The extension was developed by Kay Strobach and is  
generic enough to be used in any TYPO3 installation.[2]

Also we decoupled the Professional Service Listing from the Association’s  
website, because the shop there will be removed soon. Typo3.org accessed  
membership information from the Association website through an API. This  
information now has to be maintained on typo3.org.

The Screencast Team moved from Vimeo to Youtube about a year ago. So the  
Video Section on typo3.org was replaced with an iframe from Youtube. We  
want to have a proper video section there, but this has no high priority  
at the moment and will likely not happen this year.

Then we integrated RabbitMQ into typo3.org. This service will be used in  
the future to let different websites in the typo3 infrastructure  
communicate with each other. They could send messages like „A user has  
registered“ or „An extension was uploaded“ to each other and react on  
those messages. But that is nothing that you can „see“ at the moment --  
except if you are a member of the Server Team, then you can enjoy some  
nice graphs ;)

During the sprint, lots of smaller issues where also tackled.

 From now on, if you share a page on Facebook (or any other  
OpenGraph-empowered website) it should show a nice orange TYPO3 Logo  
instead of one of the sponsors.

Links to docs.typo3.org should not lead to error pages anymore.

The „Transfer Extension Key“ functionality was moved to a custom tag to  
make the interface more clean.

Your email address on typo3.org can now be changed again.

Extension authors can add tags to their extensions in the „Manage  
Extension Keys“ page.

Last but not least, we also fixed the recent security issues in the TYPO3  
Core and powermail.

Not yet deployed is the flagging of outdated extensions.
You might notice the check mark when searching for extensions that allows  
you to also show „outdated extensions“. At the moment checking this will  
not do anything, because there are no outdated extensions yet. We were not  
completely satisfied with our algorithm to determine outdated extensions  
yet, so we decided to postpone it a little further.

You’ll find the full list of all changes here:

Thanks to everyone attending the Community Tools Sprint and working on  
these awesome features: Kay Strobach, Thomas Löffler, Philipp Gampe,  
Sascha Marcel Schmidt, Björn Jacob, Ralf Zimmermann, Peter Foerger, Tomas  
Norre Mikkelsen and Ben van 't Ende.

We added quite some new features during that deployment, so in case you  
spot any problems, do not hesitate to report them to  

Until next time

[1] The term „soon™“ is used according to http://www.wowwiki.com/Soon
[2] https://github.com/kaystrobach/TYPO3.voice

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