[TYPO3-typo3org] Re: Problem uploading new version of Arcavias extension

Norbert Sendetzky n.sendetzky at metaways.de
Tue Feb 4 12:10:51 CET 2014

Hi Christian

> That ticket sounded familiar. When trying to dig it up from forge, I found  
> that it was you who has reported it there already[1]. ;)

Jep, always the same with me ;-)

> I had a look at the logs and could not find anything suspicious. Would you  
> mind appending the zip you used to upload to that ticket? Hopefully it can  
> be reproduced in our test environments.

I've attached the .zip file of the Arcavias extension to the ticket. For an extension it's rather big (7MB).

> Anyhow, it seems your upload made it through anyways[2], right?

Yes, that's correct. After trying a few times it succeeded despite of the error message.

Best regards,


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