[TYPO3-typo3org] Re: Manual rendering of extension typoscript2ce in TER outdated

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Thu Aug 7 10:34:30 CEST 2014


Forced to reply from the forum because I don't have this ML locally. Next time you really should use one of the well known lists such as the English one so that the answer does not get lost and may be useful for others.

Just opened Documentation/Index.rst. At first sight I see various problems:

1) The 2 include lines:

. include:: /Includes.txt
. include:: /Images.txt

Oh! this leading slash looks so bad, wouldn't be surprised it will lead to problems

2) Missing blank line after the ".. only:: html" directive

3) Weird indentation of the info table:

Copyright, Classification, Language are indented with 1 tab.

Version, Keywords, Authors, Email, Rendered by 2 tabs.

Now, trying to compile with EXT:sphinx...

Rendering of info table is awful, as expected, and the warnings sign is on, so I click on it (top left) and...

Index.rst:8: WARNING: exception while evaluating only directive expression: chunk after expression

but it generates anyway, so my suggestions are:

1) fix that missing empty line
2) Remove any leading slash for all your "include" directives (btw, how did those slash come in, by you? by the converter?)
3) Fix the indent for the info table, as it is wrong anyway

I then opened the actual "main" Index.rst : Documentation/Main/Index.rst and you have the same include directive, and I guess this is the problem even if I see no error. This must be detected as an attempt to include an arbitrary file from the file system by docs.typo3.org and as such the rendering is stopped altogether. That's my best bet. At least, "I" (and I'm +/- the only one) never documented this way of including files and none of my various extensions are showing such "trick" so I'd say this is the reason why the manual does not render at all.

4) Merge Documentation/Main/Index.rst into Documentation/Index.rst, the converter sadly creates an extra useless level of chapter at the beginning


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