[TYPO3-typo3org] Central place for development tools

Fabien Udriot fabien.udriot at ecodev.ch
Tue Nov 1 06:03:25 CET 2011

Hi SteffenG,

In what Mailing List should the discussion carry on?

Couldn't be at first a page on our Wiki? What would justify the set up of a website for that?


On 11/1/11 6:03 AM, Steffen Gebert wrote:
> Hi v4 and v5 teams,
> as there are a few scripts lying around and I often read a "there was a site, where I could.. but
> what was the URL?", I'd ask here for your feedback/needs/comments.
> I'm thinking of creating http://tools.typo3.org (or do you have a better name?), which gives an
> overview of some developer-relevant tools and hosts them *on official infrastructure*.
> It doesn't have to be even a whole TYPO3 site, but more a collection of links or scripts.
> Some scripts, which could be hosted there:
> * Xavier's "JSON data of TYPO3 releases"
> http://typo3.causal.ch/releases.php
> * Ernesto's "merged to which branch?"
> http://www.typo3-anbieter.de/typo3-merges/
> * I've seen that sb. from the v5 team ported this to FLOW3, too
> * ...?
> External links (to official services!) could be forge, translation server, etc. If this information
> is somewhere presented in a nice way on the new typo3.org, I'm fine with just putting a link to that
> page.
> Looking forward to your feedback!
> Kind regards
> Steffen
> P.S: I'm totally fine/happy, if sb. wants to create that site and I just have to set up the server
> ^^ Just want to push that forward.

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