[TYPO3-typo3org] RFC: optimized switch for typo3.org-websites

Daniel Bruessler danielb at typo3.org
Fri Mar 4 12:41:40 CET 2011

Hello Reinhard,

> maybe optgroups would be nice in this case.
> I am thinking about something like this:
> <optgroup label="Main">
>   <option value="http://typo3.org">typo3.org</option>
>   <option value="http://typo3.com">typo3.com</option>
>   <option value="http://association.typo3.org">TYPO3 Association</option>
>   <option value="http://news.typo3.org">News</option>
> </optgroup>
> <optgroup label="Community">
>   <option value="http://buzz.typo3.org">Buzz</option>
>   <option value="http://certification.typo3.org">Certification</option>
>   <option value="http://lists.typo3.org">Mailing lists</option>
>   <option value="http://wiki.typo3.org">Wiki</option>
> </optgroup>
> <optgroup label="Devloper Resources">
>   <option value="http://api.typo3.org">API</option>
>   <option value="http://bugs.typo3.org">Bugtracker</option>
>   <option value="http://flow3.typo3.org">FLOW3</option>
>   <option value="http://forge.typo3.org">Forge</option>
>   <option value="http://snippets.typo3.org">Snippets</option>
> </optgroup>

great thing! I use optgroup now.

The only question is now how to structure the groups. News is almost written by the same people as buzz, the wiki is also a developer resource and translation is a community thing, but it's more
something like forge.


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