[TYPO3-typo3org] Signed SSL-certificate

Martin Holtz typo3ng_2009 at martinholtz.de
Thu Feb 18 10:14:46 CET 2010


> For me it is more a philosophical decision to support a related project. If
> everyone would insist on OpenOffice having 100% import quality for MS Office
> documents, there would probably be no OpenOffice today. And if companies
> would insist on using MSSQL as their only database system, then TYPO3 would
> probably not be where it is today.

But i think it would be good, to explain that at

So write a short note, that the used certificate is not supported by
some browsers and perhaps set a link to an page where you describe why
that certificate is used.

Afaik it should be possible to download the certificate and install it?
So if you did it once there should be everything fine then.

Nobody needs to ignore that warning then.

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