[TYPO3-typo3org] Version matrix to become the new packages page [Was: Version matrix: MySQL 5.1 for TYPO3 >= 4.3]

bernd wilke t3ng at pi-phi.tk
Tue Feb 16 01:31:52 CET 2010

Am Mon, 15 Feb 2010 21:41:00 +0100 schrieb Francois Suter:

> Hi all,
>> Any opinions?
> Following the recent comments, I have modified the draft version:
> http://typo3.org/index.php?
> What has changed in this version:
> - the links to download the dummy are back - the row with download links
> to packages has been moved as the last one in the table, which gives
> more prominence (and places it just above the explanations about the
> various packages) - the text link to the installation instructions has
> been changed to just "Instructions", which seems enough and makes it fit
> on a single line as opposed to 2. There was a proposal to have a single
> link (since it's always the same, but AFAIK it's not possible to do
> colspans in a table CE).
> I would like to collect more approvals before publishing that.

I miss the release dates of latest versions. 
this dates may give a hint wether an update is neccessary if you don't 
know your actual version. 
And may show more clearly how much outdated the old versions are.

The links to the release-notes go to the notes of the latest version.
May it be neccessary to have (quick) access to the release-notes of the 
first version x.y.0 as this may include hints about bigger differences 
between the major version?

or is it possible to have a further table with the great features of each 
e.g.: (I might be incorrect about the versions)
version            4.3        4.2      4.1      4.0    3.8
cset                -          -       (+)      (+)     +
csc                new         +        +        +      -
workspaces          +          +        +        +      -
upload-manager      +          -        -        -      -
(please use monospaced fonts)


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