[TYPO3-typo3org] Suggest: Extend filtering extensions in TER

Thomas Löffler thomas.loeffler at uni-hohenheim.de
Tue Feb 9 11:44:04 CET 2010

When I am searching for some extensions (e.g. "gallery") there is only the 
listing sorted by downloads.
What about another sorting mechanism? You can select e.g. "Last upload", 
"Rating", "State" and so on...

And what about a filter in the list for searching only extensions younger 
than 2 years.
There are so many old and unsupported extensions in the TER.
For new TYPO3 enthusiasts there can be a big problem installing these 

Another part is to describe what facts are important to find a good 
The "state" is completely useless because everybody can set it to "stable" 
even if the program is not tested, buggy and alpha or beta state.

Greets, Thomas 

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