[TYPO3-typo3org] [Notice] Mailing List Address Change

Thomas Kowtsch thomas at kowtsch.de
Sat Feb 6 11:06:11 CET 2010


> Dear mailinglist and newsgroup members,
> this is to remind you that the server name of the mailinglist and
> newsgroup server has been changed from lists.netfielders.de /
> news.netfielders.de to lists.typo3.org a time ago.

I'm just a bit hijacking this thread for a question: Who can be 
contacted to get a mailing list on top of an existing newsgroup? Some 
people (including myself) already wrote e-mails to the mailinglist 
admin, but got no response.

Lots of people want some kind of history archive and mail access to the 
typo3.projects.calendar group since this way reaches more cal users, and 
having the mailing list archive also would help too...

Anny suggestions / hints?

Thanks in advance,


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