[TYPO3-typo3org] TER crap!

Steffen Kamper info at sk-typo3.de
Sat Oct 31 16:29:56 CET 2009


Peter Klein schrieb:
> So I think a couple of changes needs to be done now!
> How about writing a script, that checks all ext on TER to check if a 
> docs/manual.sxw is present.
> If not then send an automail to the autor of the ext, telling him/her that 
> they have X days to provide a manual to their extension, otherwise it will 
> be removed from TER. (Something similar could be done to weed out the ext. 
> without descriptions.)
> I think that will filter out a lot of (useless?) extensions.
>> I agree that something has toi be done, like vote / negative vote etc. to 
>> sort out crappy things.
> The rating/vote system should be more prominent. Right now it says "No 
> ratings" until the ext. have 3+ ratings, and no link to the rating form. 
> (You 1st have to click the ext. name, and then the Ratings tab)
> But when it has 3+ ratings, the text now links diretly to the rating form.
> So how about changing the text "none" on ext with less than 3 ratings to 
> "rate now" and make it a link just like on 3+ ratings?
>> Also i think there should be some rules like we have in newslist, minimum 
>> requirements like
>> * use default english
>> * include manual
> It can't be that hard to add some text like that on the page where you 
> register ext. keys. ;)

it is - as the texts are from the extension.

But we have ter_fe in forge, have a look and report issues there.
I've planned a bugfix session on this ext next month, so any help is 

vg Steffen

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